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November 17, 20221 min read

Administered by the federal government, Original Medicare includes Parts A and B—hospital insurance and medical insurance. Generally, prescription drugs, dental, vision and hearing care are not covered.

If you choose to enroll in Original Medicare, you can opt to purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. These plans are designed to help with out of pocket costs like deductibles and copays. The benefits from plan to plan are the same from every insurance company, although some may offer additional perks. The difference is in the company, the quality of service, and the price.

Medicare Advantage plans, (Part C) is offered by Medicare-approved private insurance companies. They include all the coverage provided by Parts A and B (except hospice care.) Most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage and may also include additional benefits like dental, vision and hearing care. Another popular feature of many of these plans is health and wellness programs, including free gym memberships through a SilverSneakers® benefit.  There is a monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan, although many plans have an affordable or sometimes even $0 premium


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